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As we are moving toward more in-person interaction, consider this information from BOMA GLR Associates, BOMA International, and other organizations. Use your resources – you are not alone. BOMA GLR members have spent years building relationships and gaining trust between members.  Principal members can turn to the BOMA GLR Associate members for professional, honest, and trustworthy solutions.

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Welcome to BOMA Greater Little Rock!

Building Owners and Managers Association …… Your source of knowledge and solutions for the commercial real estate industry.  We build our membership from the commercial and institutional building owners and managers of Central Arkansas and the vendors who provide their professional services.  

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Upcoming Events

July Annual Meeting
Tuesday, July 14
11:30 a.m.
Powers of Arkansas

Continuing Education Class/Trade Show
Wednesday, August 26
Camp Aldersgate

RPA Class
Environmental Health & Safety
October 7-9

Golf Tournament
Friday, October 16
Country Club of Arkansas