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The Toby Awards!

Rebekah Gray & Jennifer Lester
TOBY Awards Dinner @ BOMA
International Convention
Seattle, WA  - June, 2012

Last year BOMA GLR was represented by two fabulous buildings.  Union Plaza competed in the Renovated Building Category and took the opportunity to showcase the property's major improvements.  Heifer International took home the top prize in the Earth Category both at SW Regions and International's The Office Building of the Year!  BOMA GLR sets standards for excellence!

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Join a Committee!

Our committees are the best way to get to know the BOMA members.  Just ask Jennifer Lester and Martha Kirspel!  

Networking is one of keys of success in today's marketplace and joining a committee is a great way to do just that.

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Spotlight Vendors

BOMA GLR's Spotlight Vendors are a key to the success of our monthly Luncheons.  Here are benefits to your company!

  • Five Minutes to Speak about your Company at the Luncheon
  • Display of Promotional Materials on lunch tables
  • Option to give away a door prize at the lunch
  • Company logo and contact information on the website
  • Company name on the meeting announcement
  • Signage at the lunch meeting

Thank you to our 2012-13 BOMA GLR Spotlight Vendors!

January - Western Waterproofing
March - JK Janitorial Services
May - LumaTech
June - Hart Construction
July - Otis Elevator
August - Harness Roofing
September - Powers of AR
October - PLANTation Services
November - Western Waterproofing

July - Western Waterproofing   
August - Chenal Restoration  
October - US Lawns
November - H.T. Watts Digital Services 

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BOMA 360


Applications accepted daily. The designation is conferred quarterly. Next deadline for applications is TBD to be considered for the first quarter class of designees.

BOMA International is pleased to announce the development of the BOMA 360 Performance Program, a groundbreaking new program designed to validate and recognize commercial properties that demonstrate best practices in all major areas of building operations and management. A BOMA 360 Performance Building designates that a property is being managed to the highest standards of excellence.

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