Experience Exchange Report (EER)

  • BOMA International’s Experience Exchange Report is a compilation of  office building income and expense data that is collected annually through the EER Online Survey. 
  • BOMA will aggregate the data and present the information in terms of averages, medians, upper and lower quartiles for aggregate markets.
  • Data shared from industry submitters is kept in strictest confidence; only aggregate market-level data is reported. 
  • BOMA membership is not required.  Any office building can provide the previous year’s year-end income and expense data.  
  • Step by step features allow you to complete the online form in about an hour. 
  • Submitting the data is free and in return you will receive a expense performance comparison on how your building compares to its peers in your market.  You can also purchase access to other EER data. 

 Click here to learn more on the BOMA International site.