Dues, Specials & Bylaws

Member Categories

Principal Members

Shall be a commercial, corporate or government real estate owner, investor, developer, manager, leasing/marketing representative and those who earn their primary livelihood from associated disciplines.

Associate Members

Shall be companies or individuals whose primary business is in providing products or services which have a direct interest in real estate in which Principal Members are involved.

Professional Members

Any person who is in the professional services industry, however, is not directly associated with the industries functions; i.e.: architects, engineers, attorneys, etc or who is a member of a non-profit association.

Current Membership Specials:

15 for 12 Special

Anyone joining BOMA GLR after September 30th of each year will pay for only 12 months of membership (15 for 12 special) but their membership will be valid for the full 15 months.

Wait List Bypass

Any pending Associate Membership that has been approved by the Board but is on the waiting list due to the 50/50 Principal/Associate ratio will be moved to active membership if the Associate applicant brings a new Principal Member to BOMA GLR.

Pursuant to BOMA GLR Bylaws   

Admission as Member:

Persons may become a Member of the Corporation only after the  person submits an application for membership on the form prescribed by the Board, such form to be signed by the applicant, one current Member acting as sponsor, and two (2) business references, and the person qualifies for membership as follows:

Qualification as Member:  

Applicants may qualify for membership upon payment of Dues for the year in which the applicant submits their application, and the recommendation of a majority of the Board; or, at the Board's discretion, approval by two thirds (2/3) of all Members voting at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Members of the Corporation. 

Before a determination of qualification shall be made, the following characteristics shall be examined: adherence to generally accepted commercial real estate standards of good development, construction, appearance, management, operation, maintenance, cleanliness and generally accepted principles of customer service for suppliers of products and services to the commercial real estate industry.  Members shall adhere to the BOMA International Code of Ethics.