BOMI International

BOMI Professional Designations

RPA®:  Real Property Administrator

BOMI International’s RPA® designation program serves the educational needs of both third-party property managers and corporate property managers. By familiarizing you with the many aspects of operating a commercial building, the RPA® designation program helps you integrate these issues into the broader task of property management.  Click here for more information on BOMI International's site:  .


SMA®:  Systems Management Administrator

BOMI International’s SMA® designation program helps you increase the operating effectiveness of your building and makes you more valuable to your organization. Designed to meet the needs of hands-on technicians and building engineers, the SMA® program offers instruction in technologies and trends in the maintenance field..  Click here for more information on BOMI International's site. 

FMA®:  Facilities Management Administrator

BOMI International’s FMA® designation program enhances your career by making you a more effective, knowledgeable facilities professional, thus positioning you as a key strategic professional within your organization. This program teaches you to manage facilities in a way that best supports staff and fits into the organization’s overall objectives. You’ll develop valuable skills in strategic planning, project management, corporate finance, capital investment, and physical asset management. Click here for more information on BOMI Internationals's site.