Membership Application Process

We are pleased you are interested in joining the Building Owners & Managers Association of Greater Little Rock, the premiere commercial real estate organization in Central Arkansas!  In addition to this information, we have other helpful facts on our Dues/Specials/Bylaws page.  Welcome!

Membership Application

To begin, complete a membership application:   Click here to fill out an online application for Principal MembershipClick here to fill out an online application for Associate Membership.  If you fill out an online application, the requirements below can be mailed separately. Click here to print a Principal Membership Application; Click here to print an Associate Membership Application.

Letter of Sponsorship

Obtain a letter of sponsorship from a current BOMA Greater Little Rock member in good standing. We can accept the letter via email.  [email protected] 

Letters of Reference

Obtain two additional letters of reference from companies with whom you do business. They do not have to be BOMA members. We can accept the letters via email.  [email protected] 

Application Fee

Associate Applicants must submit $75 non-refundable application fee along with all documents to the BOMA GLR Office. 

Mailing Address

Please send the requested items to BOMA Greater Little Rock, 124 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 711, Little Rock, AR 72201. If you have questions, contact Teri Monahan, Executive Director:  [email protected]

Board of Directors Review

 The BOMA GLR Board of Directors meets each month to discuss membership applications.  The Membership Chair will contact you after this review.  

Thank you for your interest in BOMA Greater Little Rock!