COVID-19 Resources

BOMA Greater Little Rock and BOMA International are helping commercial real estate professionals navigate the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and businesses. This valuable information from our members and other organizations can facilitate your plan and response.

BOMA International

BOMA International continues to monitor the latest COVID-19 developments, and additional resources are posted regularly. These resources include webinar recordings, relevant articles, and links to helpful documents, websites, and expert analysis.

BOMA Greater Little Rock Associates

BOMA Greater Little Rock Associate members have knowledge, expertise, products, and services that can help property managers make buildings accessible and efficient. 

Allegra & Image 360 – Lisa Buehler

We are offering PPE and related wellness products, signage, and audit checklists to help businesses get ready to open. Plan ahead. Shipping channels are still overwhelmed. checklist

Building/business protocol signage that need to be posted in places like entrances, stairwells, elevators and restrooms and social distancing graphics are available through our company.

Marketing your business is more important than ever. You need to let clients and prospects know you are re-opening. We are offering 20% discounts on in-house print, sign, banner or large format orders over $250 through the end of May to help businesses restart. Please reference offer code at the time of the order: AP001 coupon

C.B.M. Construction – Kevin Newton

At C.B.M. Construction we predict that many large and small office spaces will need to reconfigure their current office layout in order to keep correct distancing in the office.  Whether it be adding walls or taking down walls we can assist with any build out to help with distancing in your office.

Datek – Michael Sills

Datek is a vendor for the Clorox 360 electrostatic units as well as a generic handheld product. 

Harrison Energy Partners – Monica Jarrell

Clean your air with bipolar ionization. This product is a lot more cost friendly and just as effective as UV lights. As long as the device has power it is working, no bulbs to change in a year or worry about losing effectiveness due to bulbs dimming. Average cost is about $600 per device.

JK Janitorial – Lainie Ayres

JK Janitorial offers the Clorox 360 Total Disinfecting system to disinfect offices, medical facilities, surgical, warehouses, etc. The electrostatic Clorox machine is a spray product which goes into the air and onto surfaces and it completely wraps the surfaces, under and around tables and chairs, walls, doors, and sticks disinfecting to more area than would be touched during a terminal clean. It is safe for papers, people, and property.  Can be used even on keyboards and areas of sensitive medical equipment. 

Koontz Electric – Jerry Harrell

Electrical systems are complex and expensive and electricity can cause unpredictable damage and injury. We all are guilty of taking for granted the fact that just because our breakers and disconnects are seemingly working fine and providing power when we need it, that they will work as intended when there is an actual surge, fault, or arc. The manufacturers of all electrical equipment recommend regular energized and de-energized maintenance that many of us are not aware of. It is recommended that breakers and disconnects be visually inspected and infrared tested every 12 months (energized) and be exercised, greased, tightened, and tested at least every three years (de-energized) to ensure they will operate as designed. When was the last time your electrical equipment got inspected or tested?

While buildings are near empty these days due to COVID-19, it’s actually a good time to schedule these services you might normally have put off; especially any de-energized testing, in preparation for back-to-normal business loads. There will be less interruption from our techs and building loads are safer for us to handle. It's also a great time to consider training for the maintenance staff while they have more time on their hands and to prepare them for what can happen with an improperly maintained electrical system.

As a testimony, we have tested dozens of breakers and disconnects over the past couple of months that have never been tested or maintained and failed to open during our fault testing. We have been able to repair and/or replace them and save the customer $$$ thousands in potential damage to downstream equipment such as the lighting fixtures, PC’s, copier/printers as well as possible fire damage and injury. Call me today to schedule a call, virtual meeting, or even a visit to explain more and see how we can help you.

UV sanitation and mask supplies available. 

Metro Disaster Specialists – Sharon Parker

Ready When You Need Us! Metro is prepared to help by providing professional cleaning services for buildings and facilities exposed to COVID-19. As a disaster restoration company since 1979, we have provided disinfection services for buildings, facilities, and institutions exposed to contamination caused by fire, water, storm, mold, crime scenes, and infectious diseases or viruses for over 40 years. Our restoration team is working tirelessly night and day during these difficult circumstances. We’ve Got This - It’s What We Do!

As you start asking yourself “what if” questions, you likely start thinking through answers as well. As you figure out these answers, you’re starting to formulate a plan. We suggest you write these things down. What you do now can be a roadmap for a future or updated disaster plan for your business/buildings, which could potentially make things a lot easier, should you ever have the need again.

Environmental protocols, written by a certified industrial hygienist, are recommended to reduce your business’s liability exposure. With the formal documentation to show that you have taken the proper precautions to re-occupy your building/buildings, you have an added level of protection.

With warmer weather months approaching and relative humidity increasing, be sure to keep your HVAC systems running to control your indoor environment and prevent mold growth. Don’t forget your vacant buildings/spaces.

*A common question recently asked is about The Clorox 360 machine.
Following our research and that of our industry association, The Clorox 360 machine is more of a consumer-grade machine designed to be used with Clorox products. Similar to our Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging system, which breaks the particulates of the chemicals down to much smaller micron size, and is more effective. According to our system and the protocol provided by an independent, third-party industrial hygienist that we follow, we only use EPA-approved products suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and follow their guidelines, along with the manufacturer’s recommended method and dwell time before wiping the surfaces. We do not just spray and go!

Middleton Heat & Air – Cody Yeoman

When was the last time your HVAC system was cleaned? Do you have an HVAC preventative maintenance plan? Clean systems, at the very least, in the spring and fall with consistent filter changes.

  • Ensure your outside air is operating properly
  • Make sure evaporator coils get cleaned (not typically serviced in the PM)
  • Make sure you have properly-sized returns
  • Retrofit mechanical filter from 1” to 2” when possible
  • Inspect duct work (all kinds of nastiness hide in there)

Indoor Air Quality Technology (UV lights & ionizers) - Reference ASHRAE and/or CDC before purchasing to make sure you get reliable products.

Powers of Arkansas – Alan Hope, Kenneth Ferrell, Charlie Thomas

Powers can provide higher merv rating filtration, UV lighting, and many other items to help reduce germs in the HVAC systems in buildings. We are here to help everyone keep their HVAC systems running so that you can remain comfortable while working during this hectic time.

Snyder Environmental – Kerrie Diaz

In addition to asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, and mold remediation, Snyder Environmental now provides commercial air duct cleaning and COVID-19 disinfection services with HEPA-filtered negative-pressure decontamination and third-party sample clearances. 

thyssenkrupp Elevators – Becky Haywood

As a BOMA International Cornerstone Partner, thyssenkrupp presented during the Re-Entering the Workplace in an Evolving Business Landscape: Things You Should Know for Your Building webinar and has created the attached documents to answer questions regarding implementation of elevator protocols to help stop the spread of COVID-19 when tenants and non-essential employees are given the go-ahead to return to work; Tips for Riding Elevators During COVID-19 and Using Elevators Safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We hope these tools will be helpful as BOMA team members create their own processes and procedures that will be implemented as employees return to the workplace.

Trane – Chance Hollingsworth, Beau Reynolds

With a staff of engineers, we (Trane) can help owners and property managers evaluate existing HVAC systems to meet the demands of current issues with a focus on:

  • Inside air cleanliness using passive filtration, electronic filtration, and UV systems
  • Use of outside air to flush a building during the day and night
  • Humidity control for better occupant comfort


Other Resources

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